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MEXPRESSCLIPS MEDIA is a full and self service blog providing comprehensive Facebook monetization tips and tools for emerging publishers and content creators to help them jumpsuit their monetization campaign journey on Facebook and potentially earn from their work. We are designed to give emerging Facebook content creators and online publishers some necessary monetization information, tips and tools to help them grow and monetized their Facebook pages without having automated violation strikes and potentially earn money for their work. Through our updated articles, we always aim at developing your Page, grow your audience and making money from your page become easier.
Currently on Facebook Ad break Monetization Program, we think that there are a lot of Facebook content creators who are facing monetization issues on their pages after having spent so much money and time growing a page but unfortunately Facebook strike such page with INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT, LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT and other violations for violating it's Partner Monetization Policy.
Our mission is to help you navigate the constantly changing of Facebook Monetization Policies so will bring original, comprehensive monetization updates that you need to improve and advanced on your monetization journey from earning on your Facebook Page.
With our experience in Facebook AD BREAK MONETIZATION PROGRAM we will provide you with necessary tips to shorten your long days waiting for Facebook to automatic remove the violation strike from your page come into reality in just a few days.
Our mission is to provide you with monetization tips and tools to avoid getting any automated strike and to make your monetization journey a smooth, simple and profitable campaign.
Facebook Ad break monetization is not yet available in all countries. Facebook plan to roll out Ad break monetization broadly and to more countries over time. If the program is available in your region, you must still meet the eligibility requirements, as well as Facebook community standards and Partner Monetization Policies in order to apply and be accepted for participation. Please be sure to follow the Content Guidelines for Monetization once you are in.

With mexpressclips monetization tips and tools will help you maximize your earnings by inserting In-Stream Ads to your videos on your Facebook Page, you'll understand how your Page is performing, developing and how you can improve based on our monetization updates. We'll always make your monetization journey on Facebook a profitable and enjoyable one.