MEXPRESSCLIPS MEDIA is a self-serve blog designed to give emerging Facebook content creators and online publishers some necessary monetization information, tips and tools to help them grow and monetized their Facebook pages without having automated violation strikes and potentially earn money for their work.
Currently on Facebook Ad break Monetization Program, we think that there are a lot of Facebook content creators who are facing monetization issues on their pages after having spent so much money and time growing a page but unfortunately Facebook strike such page with INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT for violating it's partner monetization policy.
With our experience in Facebook AD BREAK MONETIZATION PROGRAM we will provide you with necessary tips to shorten your long days waiting for Facebook to automatic remove the violation strike from your page come into reality in just a few days.
Our mission is to provide you with monetization tips and tools to avoid getting any automated strike and to make your monetization journey a smooth, simple and profitable campaign.