Several weeks ago I wrote an article on HOW TO AVOID FACEBOOK STRIKING YOUR PAGE WITH INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT. If you want to know more about the monetization tips and tools to avoid getting automated strike on your Facebook Page then this article is for you. In my previous post i made mention on some necessary steps, tips and tools to use on our page without having any inauthentic engagement violation strike. I don’t need to start explaining what is INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT  OR LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT violation on a page because we all already know what is it.

These are the most violated policy among all Facebook monetization set of policies why because a lot of content creators and publishers are violating it on their several Pages without even knowing.

This is it! there is no person or magic that can remove this violation from your Facebook page other than Facebook. This violation has already been program on Facebook algorithm system that if your Facebook page is having more engagement than what Facebook engineers have program on it, the system will assume that your page is having more engagements outside Facebook and you are cheating the system even when you are pretty sure you did not buy engagements outside. We have seen some content creators who pay money to other people online to help them remove the INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT OR LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT violation from their Page but got duped and their money is completely gone!

Sincerely speaking there is no magic formula anywhere, most people try to look for a magic formula so they can earn money online, well i would say that magic formula does not exit. This is a business and you have to treat it like any other business out there. It requires work, diligence, extra patience and focus. Sometimes you might fail! though it worth it but do not be discourage. Magic formula does not exist but information and systems exist. So that is why you have to do some up lifting, analyze and improve yourself on the information.

If you’re entering this blog for your first time my name is MIKHAIL ISMAIL I help content creators and publishers to grow and monetized their Facebook page, making influence with their Page and crouching it online. I think that is enough of talking! let’s get to the main topic of this article.

Make Your Page Partner Monetization Policy GREEN!!

NOTE: This tips is for those who want to open a new Facebook page or just growing a new page. When you open your new page don’t rush things. I know you want to meet all those monetization requirements in order to qualify for Ad break, we all know a page can grow either organically or spending money on Facebook ads to boost your page to reach thousands of people for engagements. Please be careful because this is where some content creators got it wrong! However, a default violation always come with every page if you check your Partner Policy in CREATOR STUDIO you will see that your Page has not have an ESTABLISHED PRESENCE. This is the first violation every new Page on Facebook will have. There is no cause for alarm here. It means that it’s just a new Page. Now, this is where I’m going to drop the MONETIZATION TIPS AND TOOLS. I recommend you to just upload 6-8 unique and original videos in a week and after that abandon your Page for 60 days without you uploading anything on it or boosting any videos with Facebook ads. After the 60 days of abandoning the Page just go and check it on the 61st day I’m pretty sure of what you will see is this MONETIZATION PARTNER POLICY IS GREEN!! Trying this monetization tips on your Page means you’re letting Facebook to know that during the past 60 days you didn’t upload videos or pictures that go against Facebook Partner Monetization Policy. Facebook will use it Facebook Bot to screen and scrawl your new Page to see if you didn’t have any violated content on your page. Finally, if it validate that your Page has no violated content then it will automatically green your Page for you. It’s usually takes 60 days or more for this result to come out.

Congratulations!! you will see a message like this in your CREATOR STUDIO “your page has no issue you can now have access to all monetization tools” after that you can begin growing your page either organically or with Facebook ads NOTE: You should minimized your spending on Facebook ads when boosting your videos to reach people for engagements. I have done this multiple times for multiple pages and it really work for me and i hope if you apply this tools to your new Page it will work for you also.

Finally with all that being said, if you want to read more Facebook monetization tips and tools post like this where i explain every information you need to know step by step and please don’t forget to share this post and leave your comment in the comment section. If you’re already developing or want to open a new Facebook page, I will do love to hear from your feedback and know what method is working for you.

There is love in sharing!!