How to increase video engagement on your Facebook Page
How to increase your video engagement on a Page

Do you upload videos to your Page? Wondering how you can increase your engagement in your videos? you’ll will discover how to create Facebook videos that generate meaningful engagement your posts need to stay relevant in the news feed.

Facebook publishers must begin to fully strategies before you even press the publish button. To increase your video engagement you have to prepare the video in a way that optimizes for viewers viewing your videos. As a publisher you need to select a video to promote base on how it performs organically which means a video that naturally had more views, shares, likes and comments without using Facebook ad.

#1. Choose a Thumbnail

To fully optimize your video and have a lot of engagement, you need to choose a good thumbnail that seize people’s attention and has less text on it. Though on YouTube, the text doesn’t really matters, but on Facebook it matters. Facebook will penalize you for having a video with too much of text. You don’t need to add much text to it.

how to increase your video engagement on a Page
how to increase your video engagements

#2. Choose The Best Performing Video

You must have had some of your video that you previously uploaded on your Page. Choose one of the best performing video from your already engaged videos. This really matters because you want to test whether putting money behind some content is worthwhile. For instance you upload four videos and one out of them has much views than others; It will make sense to put money on Facebook ads behind the best organic performing video. You should know that the organic video will have a better chance in increasing engagement when you now boost it with Facebook ad. This is it; a video receives organic 20K views, 1K shares and 500 comments if you boost that video with Facebook ad, note that organic engagement will automatically stays with the video and this will increase your video reach to many people to watch because other people had already watch and like it.

#3. Adding Subtitles To Your Video

Adding subtitles to videos is one of the best thing you can do your videos to have more engagements. This will automatically grabs the attention of people who can’t listen to your audio or don’t understand the language in the video. This will keep them engaged and make them glue to your video because subtitles has provided context. You can read this post HOW TO INCREASE YOUR VIDEO VIEWS ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE to see the importance of adding thumbnail and subtitles to your videos before uploading them.

#4. Creating The Campaign and Ad-set

Now you really want to set your Facebook ad campaign you’re ready to boost your videos. Remember the goal of doing this to boost your videos to reach many people to watch your video. After you have create your campaign in Ads Manager, you can begin to choose your video views campaign objective. The next thing to do is to create the ad set and set up your audience targeting. To keep it simple, you need to target your Facebook Page if you’re already have an established Page with much followers. Although if you have an international audience, you can target people worldwide.

In the ad set, after the audience section, you will the placement section. By default, Facebook has already select automatic placements. here, you need to select mobile placement option because this offers the best deal for your campaign where you will see many variables to get high visibility to your videos. To change the placement setting click edit placement because most people visit Facebook on their mobile phone.

how to increase video engagement on a Facebook Page

After you have set the placement to mobile, you will see all the different platforms on Facebook advertising network where you can run your ads. NOTE: Facebook will not allow you to select only suggested videos except you have turn on feeds. You also need to set your daily budget or lifetime budget. You can start with $5 or $10 daily budget because you don’t want to spend unnecessary amount on an audience that may not perform so well.

With this small amount of money you want to test which audience respond and at what cost per 100% video views you have so that you can optimize your audience targeting later in the campaign. For now, this low amount should give you all the data you need to test and improve your audience targeting. After you find your optimized audience, you can increase the amount you spend daily. In the optimization delivery section you need to select 3 minutes long video to enable Facebook to deliver your ads to people who will help you get the most views for lower cost.

5. Create The Ad for Re-targeting

To create this you have to start by selecting the existing post. You know you have already uploaded a video that is fully optimized with a thumbnail, subtitles and the said video has organically done so well. Your ad is promoting the video to build on its organic success after selecting the existing post, you simply select the video you want to promote and publish the ad.

6. Test Your Audience Targeting

During this campaign, before you start testing different audiences you need to create a campaign, ad set and ad then you need to publish the initial ad by duplicating the ad set into two in order to test different audiences. Normally, you split the same ad creative with different audiences at a $5 daily budget. The purpose of doing this is to see which ad set perform best based on your outcome. For instance, your A audience might be people in Africa and your B audience maybe people from Europe. You need to run these ads for 5 days to know which one perform better. Facebook needs time to generate data outside the learning period of the ads. You also need enough data to determine this. By waiting for 5 days each ad set has time to accumulate more than 1000 impressions.

Finally, having being said all this, so what do you think we need to add to increase video engagements on Page? Have you been using this method or you’re just getting familiar to it. Please share your thoughts by letting us know in the comment section below.


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