How to increase your video video views on a Facebook Page
How to increase views on your page

Whether you’re developing your new Facebook Page or you have already monetized your Page the most important factor is to increased the distribution of your videos so that people could watch more and this will increased your Page engagement also maximize your in-stream ads earnings.

Want more people to view your uploaded videos? Are you getting lower views on each of your videos after uploading them? Is your views not enough? Do you upload videos to your Page? Wondering how you can increase your engagement in your videos? you’ll will discover how to create Facebook videos that generate meaningful engagement your posts need to stay relevant in the news feed.

Facebook publishers must begin to fully strategies before you even press the publish button. To increase your video engagement you have to prepare the video in a way that optimizes for viewers viewing your videos. As a publisher you need to select a video to promote base on how it performs organically which means a video that naturally had more views, shares, likes and comments without using Facebook ad.

In this article, you will discover some important tips on how to maximize and increase your views on your videos you upload in Creator Studio. Without beating around the bush here are some essential tips you must apply on your Facebook Page in order to increase your video views

1. Choose A Thumbnail

To fully optimize your video and have a lot of engagement, you need to choose a good thumbnail that quickly and easily grab people’s attention and has less text on it. Though on YouTube, the text doesn’t really matters, but on Facebook it matters. Facebook will penalize you for having a video thumbnail with too much of text. You don’t need to add much text to it.

2. Choose The Best Performing Video

You must have had some of your video that you previously uploaded on your Page. Choose one of the best performing video from your already engaged videos. This really matters because you want to test whether putting money behind some content is worthwhile. For instance you upload four videos and one out of them has much views than others; It will make sense to put money on Facebook ads behind the best organic performing video. You should know that the organic video will have a better chance in increasing engagement when you now boost it with Facebook ad. This is it; a video receives organic 20K views, 1K shares and 500 comments if you boost that video with Facebook ad, note that organic engagement will automatically stays with the video and this will increase your video reach to many people to watch because other people had already watch and like it.

3. Adding Subtitles To Your Video

Adding subtitles to videos is one of the best thing you can do your videos to have more engagements. This will automatically grabs the attention of people who can’t listen to your audio or don’t understand the language in the video. Viewing your video with subtitles will be great which will increase it chances to have more views in the news feed. This will keep them engaged and make them glue to your video because subtitles has provided context.

How to increase your Facebook Page video views

4. Add Tag And Caption To Your Videos

Adding tag and captions to your videos can actually make you gain a lot of views on your videos. This is quite simple all you have to do is to write a brief headlines or keywords relating to that video you want to upload. This can make people search your video on Facebook. You can write explanation accompanying an illustration of that video. It could be a charming words, photos or cartoon photos that will caught the attention of your audience this enough will make them to click on your videos and watch especially if your video contain sounds, beat, video of people talking to each other or a person talking to camera.

How to increase your Facebook Page video views

Most people upload videos on Facebook without adding captions and tag, whenever people visit their news feed they may see your video but likely not click on it they will just skip your videos and continuing scrolling on. If you have been doing this you could see you have lost thousands of views on your video. Adding your charming tag and caption will likely make them want to watch on it and by doing this you will gain more organic views on any of your videos you upload.

There are two way to add caption to your videos The first method is you can auto-generate your caption from Facebook by automatically generate caption to any of your videos but not 100% accurate. The second method is you can manually generate your own videos. Depending on your budget you can go to to buy your captions. buying caption for your videos

5. Creating a Playlist

You can increase your chances of getting more views by creating a playlist to your specific or related topic videos. By creating playlist of related videos this will make Facebook to suggest your videos to people if such people have previously watch more of your videos in that same playlist. Doing this method will increase your views because you have create a target list for your videos and Facebook will suggest that videos to more people.

Facebook content creator PLAY LIST

Give a name to your playlist that you want to create and add a short description about your playlist. This will make easier for you to find your specific videos.

Facebook creator playlist

6. Upload Videos To Another Related Facebook Page

You can increase your chances of getting more views by collaborating with other Facebook page related to your page. Search for a page that is more specific and related to your page Make contact with the owner by allowing you to upload one or two of your viral video to his/her page especially a page with 10,000 followers and above. The page owner is likely to say yes for a collaboration, this can increase your views because people are going to have a lot of engagements on that particular video. She/He can do the same for you as well.

7. Share Your Video On Facebook Group

Sharing your video on a Facebook page can increase your chances of getting more views but you should be careful in this area not to get automated violation from Facebook because of spamming. This can happen if you are not cautious of how many times you share your videos to a group read this article How To Avoid Inauthentic Engagement On Your Facebook Page or How To Avoid Limited Originality of Content On A Facebook Page. to guide you more on how to avoid Facebook monetization violation. You should message and reach out to different Admin groups asking them to permit you to share your video to their Facebook group related to your Page.

8. Uploading A Video Of 3 Minutes Long

Another way to increase your views is uploading a 3 minutes long and above videos. Facebook tends to show a long minutes videos to people more than a short seconds video. So increase your chance of getting a lot of views by uploading more 3 minutes long and above videos

9. Creating A Facebook Ads To Promote Your Video

The fastest way to get more views is by boosting your videos to more people on Facebook with Facebook ads. Check out this post How To Begin Promoting Your Page by Placing Video Ads to Gain Page Followers at Lower Cost. Depend on your budget you can create a Facebook ads targeting the right people that will have interest in your videos and putting your video in front of the right audiences who are going to have a lots of engagement on your videos. With Facebook ads boosting your video you can get thousands of views in short period of time.

Boosting your Video with Facebook ads

Finally, with all that being said, I really hope you find value in this article? If you find value please share your thought in the comment section below. If you are already developing and growing up a new page, I will do love to hear from your feedback and know what is working for you.

So are you going to try these method to increase your chances of getting more views from your right audiences? What are your thought about these methods? Let me know in the comment section below.

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