Have you been wondering and thinking how you can make money on a Facebook Page? Do you want to make money from your Facebook Page?

You have come to the right place. This is your Complete Guide to get you started about how you can start developing your Facebook Page and make money from doing what you love.

Here are some questions people ask about making money on a Page:

1. Can I make money on a Facebook Page?

2. What are the various ways to earn money on a Facebook Page?

3. How much money can I make?

4. What type of content should I create to make money?

A Few years back, Facebook was just only a social media platforms that builds technologies that give people the power to connect with friends and family, find communities and grow businesses. Today, Facebook still functions in that way, but a lot has changed about the giant social media company.

In 2018, Facebook announced that it has globally launched Facebook Ad Break Monetization Programme helping creators and publishers to make money from their videos on Facebook Page by inserting or placing in-stream ads in their qualifying videos and helping them understand how their content is performing using Creator Studio.

Facebook instream-ads are now fully launched to eligible Facebook Pages that has no monetization issues, Pages operating in an in-stream ad available countries. Although, Facebook announce that more countries and languages will be supported very soon. In-stream ads has become a profitable way for many people to start a Facebook Page and money doing what they love.

How Much Money Can You Make From Your Page

However, how much money you can make depends solely on these factors:

1. What niche/topic are you picking for your new Page. Check out this post How To Open A New Facebook Page And Earn With In-Stream Ads to guide you how to choose a niche for your Page.

2. Are you consistence in creating and publishing video?

3. How much time are you dedicating to learning and implementing what you have learnt

4. How much viewers are watching your videos and where is the location of your viewers. Check out this post Some Frequently Questions Ask By Facebook Publishers to give you insight about where the location of your viewers should be coming from if you want to increase your earnings.

There are other various factors that can help you increase your Page followers like bosting your video, promoting your Page, personal motivation, boosting self morale contribute a lot to the development of a Page. meanwhile, consistency in creating meaningful engaging content and Page promotion alone can help you develop your Page so fast to be eligible for accessing to all Facebook monetization tools.

Ways To Earn Money On A Facebook Page (Facebook Monetization Tools)

1. Facebook In-Stream Ads

2. Facebook Instant Articles (Monetized your Apps and Websites)

3. Fan Subscription (Facebook will officially invite you)

4. Facebook Star (Facebook will officially invite you)

5. Brand Collaboration Manger

How Do You Get Started With Facebook In-Stream Ads

As a publisher, before you can place in-stream ads in your videos, you will need to check your Page eligibility in Creator Studio. NOTE: Only Facebook your Page is eligible to use in-stream and you must be 18 years above.

1. You must publish video from a Page not your Facebook Profile Account.

2. Your Page must meet Facebook Partner Monetization policies to stay eligible using Facebook Monetization tools.

3. You must reach 30,000 1-minute views in the last 60 days. Here, it means you need to have 30,000 minutes views on your 3 minutes and above videos. All your 3 minutes videos that you have uploaded must have get 30,000 views by viewers viewing your videos within 60 days.

4. You must have 10,000 Page followers (You can promote your Page with Facebook ads to gain more followers)

5. living in an eligible country where in-stream ads is available because a Page can only be monetized if such Page is operating in an in-stream ads eligible country.

6. Your videos must be at least 3-minute long to be eligible for in-stream ad

Setting Up Your Payment in Creator Studio

Go to your Creator Studio, Click Monetization under Monetization click Payout Settings to begin your payment settings. Here you choose:

1. Choose your financial admin who will receive all financial information relating to your earnings.

2. Type in your VAT Number.

3. Type in your Bank Account Number or International Bank Account Number.

4. Choose your editor to enable and disable ads.

How Do You get Started Placing In-Stream Ad In Your Videos

If you have meet all the above monetization requirement it means you have been doing a great work on your Page. You can now begin the in-stream ads monetization process by entering your Creator Studio.

1. Choose the Page you want for in-stream ads

2. Submit your Page to Facebook team for review

3. You can choose automatic or manual placement to earn money from your qualifying videos. NOTE: Not all videos you publish will be qualify for in-stream ads because Facebook will review those videos and if they found out that it violates one of it’s monetization policies, Facebook will take down such video. Although, you can appeal if you’re sure it’s your content and sometimes it takes some days for them to review and monetized your videos.

How To Enable Automatic Placement In Your Qualifying Video

In your Creator Studio click Monetization under Monetization click In-Stream Ads then you will see Automatic and Manual placement

By enabling automatic placement, Facebook will automatically detect ideal placement for ads by looking for natural breaks in the video. This meant to give your viewers the best possible watching experience and works best when video have natural 1-3 second break. This will safes time and increase your earnings.

How To Enable Manual Placement In Your Qualifying Video

By enabling manual placement, you can decide for yourself exactly where to place the ad. If you choose multiple placements, your viewers will see ad in different places in the video depending on when last they watched the video. This is suitable for midroll ads. Subsequently, you should be deliberate about where you actually want to place the ads. NOTE: You should place ads where it wouldn’t interrupt your video or message you’re passing across to your audience especially if it’s a video which involve only you talking to camera.

Choosing manual placement, it’s now left for you to decide where you want to place the in-stream ads in your video. You can place it after:

1. Natural break

2. After the 1 minutes mark

3. After every 30 seconds (Suitable for videos that are minutes long and it must not be intrusive)

If you should ask me that between Automatic or Manual Placement which one should you choose in your video to increase earnings I will just say both are good placement it’s just depends on what you think it will perform best for you but you can’t really decide untill you had previously used the two placements before.

If you are confuse and don’t know which placement to enable I recommend that you allow Facebook to adjust your in-stream ads placement point. Facebook will move it up or down even at least for 10 seconds to provide the best viewing experience for your audience.

What you need to do now is to begin optimizing your videos for in-stream ads. You can start doing that by creating content that you own or a video that you buy or download from other sources but you must add your own meaningful enhancement, content that will grabs viewers attention in the news feed and make them want to watch more. Check this post How To Increase Your Video Views On A Facebook Page to create an optimized and a well engaging video that will go viral in the news feed.

What Type of Content Should I Create To Earn Money From A Page

Sincerely Speaking, the best thing you can do to continuing making money from your Page is to always publishing content that you own or you are involve in the creation of that video. That’s how you can remain eligible, maintaining your monetization status and free yourself from Facebook striking your Page with monetization issues.

Facebook warns that content that was unoriginal or reproduced without making meaningful enhancement, creative editing, commentary and modification can not be monetized. Here, Facebook allow you to use video that you purchased or download from other sources like YouTube, Vimeo but you must edit such video, change everything about the video and add your own video intro and outro, watermark, logo, voiceover, commentary and so on.

There are great ways to make money on Facebook Page if only you’re doing what is right. So when are you starting your own Facebook Page to start making money? If you’re already started I think this post will really help you know more about monetizing your Page using in-stream ads? In my next post, I will also cover more about how you can use other monetization tools to monetized your Page. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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