How to make your Facebook Page follower comeback to watch more video
How to make your Facebook Page followers come back to watch more videos

How to make Your Facebook Page Followers come back to watch more videos should be the topmost priority of all content creators who really want to established his/her Page authority and make a huge influence on Facebook.

On a Facebook Page, creating and uploading an engaging video that people want to watch, share, likes, comment and creating a content that people come back to watch more could be time consuming also it involve some dedication of great work. As a Facebook publisher your overall attention should be aiming at how you could learn and understand how loyal your Facebook Page followers are and how many of your Page followers are coming back to watch more of your videos you already published. One important factor that creator must pay some attention to is Page loyalty of the followers and if you want to be a successful creator you must grow a Page that people want to follow and create video that could make them glued to your Page. Loyalty of a Page followers means How are people coming back to watch your videos? What type of video did I upload that is making them coming for more? How should I increase making videos of that type and maintain my Page loyalty?

The Loyalty insights in Creator Studio will help you discover how many people follow your Page helps you understand how long people are watching your videos on their news feed.

As a Facebook publisher or content creator you shouldn’t aiming at creating videos all the time but at the same time you should dedicate time to learn and understand more about your Facebook followers. In fact, there are lots of ways to improve the performance of your Facebook content. One of the most powerful things you can do to help you is to learn as much as possible about your Page followers insights which will serve as a road map then you can use it to navigate around to create future engaging content.

Facebook Audience Insights in Creator Studio will hep you to accomplished that. Now, you can better understand who your Page Followers are, where they live, what languages they speak and what interests they have. You can then use these insights to make more informed decisions about the types of videos you have to create and you would be creating.

To discover these you must have a Facebook Page, check out this post and learn how to How To Open A New Facebook Page And Earn With In-Stream Ads.

1. Go to Facebook Creator Studio

How to make your Facebook Page follower comeback to watch more video

2. Select Insights

3. Click Loyalty

4. Choose the Page that you wants to see insights if you have many Pages.

At the top, to see insights from a certain time range, click and select a beginning and end date. Here are what you will see from your insights:

1. Page Follower Activity

It’s general for people to follow and unfollow a Page based on individual desire and preferences. By using this metrics, you will see how many people followed or unfollowed your Page over the selected period of time. However, this will make you understand why are people following and unfollowing your Page, know how would you reduce the rate at which people are unfollowing you and know how you could increase the rate at which people are following your Page.

2. Returning Followers

For people to still coming back to watch more of your videos means you’re on the right track. Using this metrics, you could track the loyalty of your Page followers with a week-by-week look at returning viewers. Which week did I have the highest or lowest returning followers. You’ll discovers which video did I upload that is making them coming back and know how to increase the number of returning your Page followers.

3. How Minute Long People Are Watching

As a Publisher, here you would see how many minutes and seconds people spent on watching each of the video you upload so you should carefully look on the durations of your videos. People tends to enjoying watching videos that are short not too long except if your videos are tutorial videos that you genuinely created for those viewers who enjoying watching tutorial videos. Make sure you captivate viewers mind during the 1-minute views and trying experimenting with different ways to craft your videos and shape your narrative so your audience stays longer.

I hope you should have studied and well understand your Facebook Page insight. Now if you have been experiencing a significant decrease between your 3-second views, 15-second views and 1-minute views? I think you should try to examine with different methods to shape your videos views and Page retention in order to make your audience come back to watch more videos.

Here are what you need to apply to your Page to solve these issues:

Tools To Improve Your Facebook Page Retention

1. As a Publisher, you should improve on your creativity on every video you create by applying some teasing method it could be making your audience laugh, make some funny jokes at them but not to embarrass during the middle of the video or towards the ending.

2. Keep every moment in your video very interesting never give room for boring moment. This can help viewers engaged for longer and watch your video all through and still come back for more.

3. In the first 1 minutes of the video, you should be able to do something exciting. At this time viewers should have understand what message you really want to pass across in the video. This will increased your chance of having large hooked audience that watch your video to the end.

4. Use Creator Studio to organize your video into playlists by creating your videos into series that go around the same topic or that breaks up a larger story into smaller episodes. For example, create a playlist for a video titled ”How to set up a video camera” all the videos you’re going to create about camera, filming, videography should be seen here. This will give your viewers a direction that you have serialized your video so they will know from which playlist they are watching from.

5. Before you Click the publish button, I recommend you to premiere your video especially a new video you just create. This is the best way to give a notification to some of your old audience, those followers who don’t always watch your videos about the new video you just uploaded.

Here is how to premiere your new video you just uploaded:

1. Go to Creator Studio

How to make your Facebook Page follower comeback to watch more video

2. At the top click Create Post.

How to make your Facebook Page follower comeback to watch more video

6. To established your Page authority and to earn money from your Facebook Page, you must be consistently publishing engaging video at least once a week or 3 video in a month. This will help you grow a loyal audience and started building your own community on Facebook.

Learn and Understand Your Facebook Page Insights

. Video Performance

How to make your Facebook Page follower comeback to watch more video

Here you be able to see your video performance how many people are watching and how many minutes did they spent in watching. People who watched at least 1-minute of your videos, people who watched 3 seconds of your videos within a selected date. The engaged viewers who determine your engagements, those who don’t only watched but also share, comments, likes and follow your Page within the date range. You can see the Net followers, those people who have followed you Page or recently unfollowed within the selected date range.

You can also check the date to know your previous video performance. At the moment, you can see that this Page has less video performance in the last few days but things can turn around if the Admin learn and understand his Page insights.

. Language and Countries Where Your Page Followers Are Coming From

To see this, go back to Audience and click on it. Here you would be able to see where much of your Page followers are coming from and which language did they prefer to use or communicate. You will see Interests Page your audience or new followers already like or unfollowed

How to make your Facebook Page follower comeback to watch more video

. Page Video Retention

Go back to Retention to understand how may videos your engaged viewers and new followers are watching, where are the views coming from and how many viewers are coming back to watch more. When viewing the new followers audience breakdown, you can also see the hour, day or a combination of both, which reflects when your followers used Facebook on any device over the past week. Note that some of this data may be delayed depending on your time zone and the time of day. All metrics are estimates and in development.

Learning and Understanding your Facebook Page Insights hold a great information about who your audience is and what type of content gets the best results. For example, if you notice that your content is super popular in another country, try tailoring future videos so they’re more relevant to that country and its culture. Maybe give a special shout-out to your foreign fans, or connect with a fellow creator from that region and collaborate on some content together.

Having learning and knowing your Page Facebook Page insights, The next thing you should start doing is to improve your Video distribution. Facebook use many factors to influence how, when and where videos appear on Facebook. The signals Facebook use will determine the distribution of your video which I’m not sure about but it’s always evolving because Facebook tends to distribute video according to what people want to watch.

Anyways, here are a few tips you can add to have the greatest influence on distribution for videos:

Tips to Increased Your Video Distribution in the News Feed

1. Engagements in Your Video

As a content creator, you should know that Facebook want content to spark conversations and meaningful interactions between your Page followers. If there is increased in your video engagement, Facebook will organically keep increasing the distribution of the video because those video you uploaded have much shares, views, like and comments. This will increased the chance of spreading those videos to news feed for more people to watch.

Ask questions that will allow many positive or negative responses. Don’t post for clickbait. Clickbait includes things such as “Tag a friend”, “Comment ‘YES’ if you agree” or “Like and share this post!” Facebook may flagged your Page with a monetization violation if you always doing this. Let the engagements comes willingly from our Page followers

To discover your Page engagement, go to the Facebook Performance Insights section in Creator Studio and then select the Engagement tab. To find the videos behind the changes, you can sort your top videos by date created or by engagement, and then drill down further to find the videos that drove the most reactions, comments and shares.

2. Originality

I always stand firm on this that if you want to maintain your Page monetization with Facebook and to be free from any monetization violation, you must have your own original video that you shot either alone or with a partner, edit which must reflect the unique voice and value of your Page. You need to create videos that different from others. That is the best thing you can do to your Page and to make Facebook reward you as a content creator for your hard work of crafting and promoting authentic, valuable content. For some publishers who use videos they download or purchased from other sources should know that videos with limited originality are more likely to face reduced distribution on the Facebook news feed. If you upload any video Facebook Algorithm system easily detect a video that is original and the one you download or purchased from other sources.

3. Content Creators Who Upload Videos From Other Sources

Sincerely Speaking, Facebook allow you to use a video that you download or buy from other sources but how are you sure you would perfectly edit everything on that video and turn it to your own. In fact, this is what many people does on Facebook. They go to YouTube and download videos or purchased videos. All right, Let’s say if you successfully trip, crop, change the logo, so what about the music? how are you going to change the music play in the background? Even you’re likely to be flagged with a monetization violation if you don’t edit such video very well. Some beginners will upload it just like that and mind you when you keep uploading videos like this, Facebook Algorithm system will be crawling your videos to know where you have copyrighted content but since you’re unaware about this what you will see next in your Creator Studio is a monetization violation waiting for you in there.

Although, You can use content from other sources in your posts as long as you increase its value through creative editing, voiceover or commentary. These enhancements must be meaningful. Note that simply adding together some video clips or adding a watermark does not qualify as a meaningful enhancement. After 3 minutes you have uploaded a video, you should Keep an eye on your Gmail associated with your Facebook account for notifications to make sure that your Page hasn’t been flagged for limited originality. check out this How To Avoid Limited Originality of Content On A Facebook Page to learn more.

4. Understand Your Facebook Page Insights

You can see from above how I have explain the importance of learning and understanding your Facebook Page Insights including Audience, Loyalty Net followers, Retention, Page Performance, Languages and countries which your Page followers are coming from can do a lot of great benefit to you. You should understand that the more people who come back to watch your videos, the higher your videos distribution is likely to be on Facebook news. Whether it’s week-after-week or episode-to-episode Facebook take into account how frequently viewers are returning to watch your videos and how many viewers you retain on a weekly basis or monthly basis.

5. Consistently Publishing Meaningful Videos

Having a Page of massive followers is not enough and there is nothing much to be a successfully online influencer than to always be active and dedicated to what you’re doing. As a Facebook publishers, you need to consistently uploading videos. Though is not that easy to create a video if unless you’re buying or downloading them from other sources. But at least you can managed to publish video on a weekly or monthly basis to encourage viewers to return for new videos.

5. Responds to Viewers Comments

You shouldn’t be a publisher that always ignore people’s comments. After watching your videos, some viewers may want you to explain things that are not well cleared to him/her. Try as much as possible to reply them and you should know that some among them will give you positive or negative accolade. That is normal thing to happen when you’re growing up a community. Taking a few minutes to respond to comments and questions can turn a casual viewer into a loyal fan. Most likely viewers comments are also an excellent way to get ideas for new topic that you will creating your next videos on you can even host a Question & Answer video.

6. Don’t Buy Boost Your Videos or Buy Followers Outside

Although I heard people claiming they are selling cheap Facebook views for content creators who want to buy views to boost their videos much especially when you’re growing up a new Facebook Page but I don’t believe this and neither should you. Don’t even try to do that because Facebook will place a banned on your Page. Don’t pay for followers outside while boosting your video or Page. If you really want massive Page followers very fast you should just create a video ads to promote your Page. Buying an ad on Facebook is an effective way to gain new followers and boost loyalty, be careful and be wary of anyone claiming that they can get you Facebook followers for a price. There is nothing free in this world not even in Freetown a capital city of sierra Leone.

I really hope you have discover the great importance of learning and understanding your Facebook Page Insights? How it can help you make your Page followers to stay glued to your Page, watch your video all through and also come back to watch more videos. Let’s me know your thoughts on this and I’ll be glad to hear from you.

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