Do you want to start a Facebook Page and make a career as a publisher or a content creator?

In this article, you will know how to open a new Facebook Page, learn how to develop your Page and grooming your new Page for Facebook Ad Break while familiarizing your Page with Facebook In-Stream Ads.

Oh!! Do you know it’s possible to achieve both at the same time? After all, Facebook In-Stream Ads help eligible video creators to earn money from their Page by including short ads in their qualifying videos. As a Facebook content creator you will get a share of revenue from the video ads shown to audiences. Your audiences must view the entire ads to continuing watching a video. Check this post How To Increase Your Video Views On A Facebook Page to read how you can make your audiences to continuing watching your video. Some advertisers target different audiences but viewers will probably see different ads.

I’m willing to help publishers and content creators to build their influence on Facebook, giving you updated monetization information and tools/tips you need to help you developed your Page in order to potentially earn money from your videos you created and uploaded.

Many people create Facebook Page for a lot of reasons and here are some of the most popular reason why they create a Page on Facebook.

. People who want to share their new discoveries and knowledge

. People who want to showcase their talent

. People who want to earn passive income from Facebook

. People who want to share their travel experience

I think you could be one of the above, or some other reasons that is not listed here. In either way round, Facebook Ad Break will help you achieve your desire goal.

So my dear readers, without beating around the bush let’s familiarize you with Facebook In-Stream Ads and learn how you can create a new Facebook Page. If you’re still there with me, this is a well detailed guide with a lot reading and you need to carefully following some steps to create Page.

Familiarize With In-Stream Ad

In-Stream Ad are of 3 types that Facebook allow you to create in your qualifying videos.

. Pre-Roll

. Mid-Roll

. Images Ad

Pre-Rolls Ad

This ads play before your video begins, an advert will show up to people who are actively watching your video. The more viewers that keep watching your videos, the more engagement you will have which means people are having great engagement with your videos and the more payouts your earn.

Mid-Rolls Ad

This ads play at any time of the video, it could be the beginning, middle or at the end of the video. I recommend to insert this type of ad in the middle of your qualifying video because it perform best in the middle of a video, especially a video that has natural break point. Most of these types of video are quickly found in the news feed on Facebook. People easily engaged with it.

Image Ads

This type of ads also play at anytime of the video. It’s a static ad that always display under the content. This type of ads help content creator to earn more money from a video that don’t perform better for Pre-Rolls or Mid-Rolls

In-Stream Ad Placement In a Qualifying Video

By inserting Facebook In-Stream Ads in your videos you can easily maximized your earnings while you focus on what to do next which is making great content that engaged. Check out this post How To Make Money On A Facebook Page to further guide you about in-stream ads placement in your videos.

Automatic Placement

In-Steam Ad is easy to use because it’s flexible and save time. Facebook will automatically detect natural spot on your video for In-Stream Ad. You can allow Facebook to automatically place the ads for you.

Manual Placement

As a Publisher, you may choose to place the ad in your video by yourself. With manual placement you could insert it to any spot you feel it will earn you more money.

Facebook design In-Stream Ads with good user experience which provide a better experience for viewers who love longer content with fewer breaks. Facebook allow creators to earn passive income from their eligible Page and qualifying videos either it’s a new video or existing videos.

Are you still reading? Please keep on!! Now that i have familiarize you about Facebook In-Stream Ad, the next thing you need is to learn how to create a new Facebook Page because without an established Page you can use In-Stream Ad.

This is just one thing you need before you begin to create a new Facebook Page. NOTE Please choose a unique name because once you have created your Page it will be difficult to change it again.

Here are the steps to create a new Facebook Page

. Choose a name for your Page

. Choose a category topic or niche for your Page

. Add a profile picture

. Promote your post or Page for engagement

. Monetized your Page with In-Stream Ad

Now let’s begin with how to create a new page from scratch. This Facebook creation article was created for users like you who are just starting out and knows nothing about Facebook Ad Break Monetization Programme. Please bear with me within the next few minutes, you will have your new Facebook Page live on Facebook.

Choose a name for your Page

Go to Facebook Business Page. The first very thing you think is the name you want to give your Page. The name of your Page is very Important. You can choose any name but it must be a matured, unique and real because in the future you can make it a portfolio or planning to make it a brand. However, i prefer having a unique name so that in the future you can have people running it.

Here are the tips you need to know when you want to choose a name for your Page.

1. Your Page name should be minimum in length at least 13 characters

2. Your Page name should not be confusing to people

3. Your Page should be easy to search on Facebook

4. Your Page should be easy to pronounce and remember

How to create a Facebook Page

NOTE When typing your Page name use The Creator not THECREATOR OR THE CREATOR.

Choose a Category Topic/Niche For Your Page

How to create a new Facebook Page

What is your Page about? i mean a niche that your Page will be known for on Facebook. You need to select a specific category topic/niche for your new Page. Finding a specific category for your Page is very important and that is the best thing to do. My dear readers, I hope you don’t plan to open a new Page about everything. If you have this kind of mindset it wouldn’t work because your chances of having massive audience is create content on a single niche.

Now you will be wondering how do i find the category topic/niche for your new Page right? relax your mind, here are some tips and tools that will help you to get started.

. Choose a niche that you have deep interest in maybe about Animals, News, Entertainment, Games and so on. Select a niche that you will be able to create videos that engaged and add your own meaningful enhancements.

. Choose a niche that has the tendency of going viral whenever you upload any of your videos. Check out this post What Facebook Publishers Should Know About The New Creator Studio App to read all the tools you need to make your video goes viral on news feed. Select a topic you will able to always make content from it. You need to think about a niche that you can conveniently talk about for hours.

. Choose a niche that you can quickly grabs the attention of people viewing your video

. Choose a niche that you always like to talk about. The topic you can’t do without watching. You know any topic you watch all the time is something that interest you.

These are critical steps you need to take before starting a Facebook Page as it will help you choose a topic that you are most passionate about. If you choose a topic that you like to talk about you will never burn out of creating meaningful engaging content immediately your Page goes live on Facebook.

Add a Profile Picture

Don’t leave your Page empty without adding clean picture. The next thing to do is to add a profile picture to a your Page. This will beautify your Page and give your new audience first impression about your Page because that is the first thing they will see on your new Page visit Pixabay or Pexels to download free stock images and pictures. Click edit button to add your own pictures

How to open a new Facebook Page

Promote Your Post or Page

Read this Post Be Careful About The Content You Upload on Your Facebook Page before creating your first post. After you have finish creating your post, the next thing to do is to promote it to reach people on Facebook for engagements since Facebook has denied organic reach of all new Pages. According to your budget you need to invest some amount of money on Facebook Ads in order to boost your post or page to people who are likely going to like your post, share, comment and follow your page. You need to launch an ad campaign for your Page to increase your page popularity and made your Page have an established presence on Facebook. Promoting your Page with Facebook ads will make you reach the requirement for Facebook Ad Break Monetization Programme very fast because if you want to do it organically it could take you months or years. While you are busy growing up your new Page to meet all the Facebook monetization requirement you should be very careful on your ad spending not to be strike with an automated violation. Read this post to guide How To Avoid Limited Originality of Content On A Facebook Page and How To Avoid Inauthentic Engagement On Your Facebook Page.

How to promote a Facebook Page

Monetized Your Page With In-Stream Ad

After you have finally developed your Page and you have all meet the Facebook Ad Break Monetization requirement. Check your Creator Studio to see all the requirement you need to be eligible for Facebook Ad Break Monetization Programme. All what you need to do is to submit your Page to Facebook team for review. Once your Page is free from any monetization issues, Facebook will automatically enable your Page to have access to all Monetization tools in order to start earning money from your Page.

So wouldn’t you open a Facebook Page today? If you have already open, now this is the time you need to start developing your Page for In-Stream Ad by uploading great content that engaged viewers and quickly grabs viewers attention even if they only see your video thumbnails in their Facebook news feed.

What did you think? Share your thought below in the comment section.

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