Facebook announced that in order for publishers to make money from their Facebook page, they must comply with a set of policies. One among of these policies is MONETIZED AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT. This is one of the most violated policy committed by so many emerging Facebook publishers and creators around the world.

In this article, i’m going to explain what are those necessary steps, tools and information we need to apply on our page to always avoid getting automated violation strike.

How Facebook content creators were frustrated by Facebook Partner Monetization Policy.

Many emerging content creators and publishers tried to monetized their page after meeting all the Facebook monetization requirements but got very disappointed when they check their page policy in creator studio and see an automated violation message INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT which means such page can’t access to any of the monetization tools.

Many Facebook content creators have spent so much time, energy and resources growing and developing their page organically or by boosting their videos with Facebook ads reaching thousands of people just to engage with their page, buying Facebook page likes and more. Having spent all these on your page and meeting Facebook monetization requirements, i think the next thing to do is to submit your Facebook page for review. But you can’t do that because you have this on your page.

Although, Facebook allow content creators to appeal for this violation, many appeal multiple times for this violation but got rejected receiving automated reply by Facebook bot, we all know this can be so irritating and frustrating! don’t be mad with Facebook because most of your appeal were not review by human being and Facebook support system is poor. I think this issue is on the part of Facebook which they must address because if this problem persist it will make so many people to abandoned Facebook Monetization Program.

If you are entering this blog for your first time, my name is MIKHAIL ISMAIL. With my experience so far on this program, i’m going to help you growing your page, making influence with your video on Facebook and crouching it online! enough of this talking so let’s get to the main tips and tools to solve this INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT problem.

Tips and tools to know in order to help you avoid automated violation strike on your page “INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT

When you open your first Facebook page, we all believe the first thing to do is to meet all the monetization requirements, i think we all know them right? please beware and be careful! because this is the area where all content creators got it wrong. Although not everybody got it wrong because some people simply know how to manage or handle their spending on Facebook ads while growing their page. Probably, that is why some content creators don’t have this on their page.

Now, this is where i’m going when you want to boost any of your video to reach thousands of people to gain views, likes, comments and shares don’t over spend on your video. I mean don’t spend too much on a video to get thousands of views and other engagement per day. For example if you boost a video with Facebook ads when such video gain 3000-5000 views per day, i recommend that it is enough for the day, pause that campaign. I know you want to have like 30,000-50,000 video views and other engagements per day, I know you want to reach all those monetization requirements. NOTE: if you keep campaigning, spending more on Facebook ads boosting your videos and having 50,000 engagements per day, your engagement keep increasing everyday trust me Facebook will automatically strike your page with INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT. This is what many Facebook content creators had been doing for the past years making it difficult for them to monetized their pages.

The Facebook algorithm system will think your page is gaining more video views, shares, likes and comments or buying them outside Facebook even if you are pretty sure you did not do such. This is how Facebook designed and programmed their system. They designed that a page must not have more than stipulated views and other engagements per day, per week or per month so immediately your Facebook page start having more engagements than what they have already programmed on it even if you are not buying engagements outside Facebook, even if you are spending a lot of money on Facebook ads, still Facebook will strike you with INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT. Facebook will think you are gaining more than the algorithm system.

So guys, minimize your spending on Facebook ads. you can boost your videos with ads but beware that it must not have a lot of views per day. I suggest 3000-5000 page engagements is enough for a day just pause the ads and wait for the next day or to be on the safer side skip two days to three days without boosting your page or videos. I have done this several times, i have tested this and it really work. I hope it will work for you also if you try this method but this apply to those who want to open a new page on Facebook. If you plan to have your own page, please try this monetization tips and tools for your new page. I’m pretty sure that Facebook will not automatically strike your page with INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT for violating it’s Partner Monetization Policy.

With all that being said, i hope you find value to this content? if you find value, i want your suggestions and comments in the comment section.