how to solve limited originality of content on a Facebook Page

Facebook is very firm, serious and strict about their monetization policies just like Google AdSense especially when its comes to protecting their advertisers right and users. They have to do this to provide greater transparency into monetization eligibility standards of their platforms

As a content creator you must be extra careful about what content you upload on your Facebook Page. In the course of growing up a Page, especially a new Page, some content creators have violated Facebook monetization policies. Facebook has flagged their Page with monetization violation. There are many of these monetization violations but limited originality of content and inauthentic engagement are the most two popular violation content creators do have on their Page.

In this post, I will be answering some answers asked by content creators about the implication of having these violations and effect on a Page.

What is limited originality of content? Have you been flagged with limited originality of content? if you don’t know the effect of limited originality of content on a Page or you have never been strike with it before then you need to read this article on how to guide you not to have this monetization problem and solution to it if you currently have it on your Facebook Page.

As a publisher who want to maintain his/her monetization eligibility on Facebook Ad break Monetization Program must be well guided and comply with all Facebook monetization policies if he/she still want to remain in the program or don’t want to loose Facebook monetization tools. Facebook want you to upload unique content that has value to your followers. Therefore, if much of the content you upload on your Page is of limited originality your Page is likely to face some restriction on Facebook Ad break and such page that has this limited originality of content is liable to loose it’s monetization tools or removed which means such Page can’t earn from Facebook because you are not complying or your Page is going against Facebook Page Terms.

Limited originality of content can be flagged on already monetized page that has been earning and it can also be flagged on a developing page. Some Publishers may not notice this on their Creator Studio because they barely click on partner policy to check their monetization status. NOTE Facebook will first give you a notice of a yellow $ sign this means a warning for your page to address the situation. You have been uploading content that goes against their partner monetization policy. So you must rectify it before the yellow sign turns to red and if you keep uploading such violated content it may finally turns to red. Red means your page is in danger can’t have access to monetization tools. Now on a developing Page, after you have uploaded a video or after some weeks or months uploading videos sometimes Facebook may let you know that you have violated it’s Partner Monetization Policies by immediately giving you a warning sign to you about a video you just uploaded on your page. It normally take like 3-5 minutes for Facebook to use it’s Facebook bot to filtered, check and scrawl on people’s Page looking for copyright content and if it detect any copyright content from that video it will automatically let you know you have just uploaded another person’s video. Facebook will not show such video to your followers.

How Do I Know Which or What Content That Violates Limited Originality Policy

1. You must not upload compilations of third party videos: This means don’t upload multiple videos of another person’s Page which you join together as a compilations videos to your Page. Create your own original video add your a free copyright music in the video background, don’t copy content without making your own. Although, Facebook allow you to use other videos that you downloaded from other sources but you need to edit it, add your own modification through creative editing, voiceover or commentary. These enhancements must be meaningful. Facebook publishers should know that uploading simply stitching together clips or adding a watermark does not qualify as a meaningful enhancement. The real problem is that how can you be so completely perfect to edit other people’s video without still having some default features because even if you change all the features in the video, you can’t change it’s background music. This is why some publishers who use videos they download from other sources are always strike with monetization issues on their Page.

2. Some content creators will download videos and do a compilation video or post videos that other Pages or other content creators already published. As a content creator don’t bait viewers let your views should be genuine. Nobody likes clickbait, Facebook don’t like it. You should know that Facebook use it’s bot to detect and demote artificial attempts to boost watch times by exaggerating details and omitting crucial information.

3. Don’t post content that already exists on Facebook or that has been posted somewhere else first and that you had no meaningful role in creating. Avoid primarily sharing videos of re-purposed clips from other sources. Instead, publish original content that will foster engagement and an audience-catered experience which will make your Page followers to come back to watch more videos

4. You should never upload content that contains one static image and little to no motion. Content posted for the sole purpose of increasing engagement by asking people to react to questions. videos that encourage people to click a link or respond to a post through likes, comments or shares. For instance “click this video to get instant cash price” or “click this video and get great reward” or video that primarily displays static images played in succession. To avoid limited originality of content never upload any video that loops and displays the same segment multiple times. It can include gifs and content of varying lengths or a video that primarily displays ordinarily text or moving images.

6. You must not upload a content that you download from other source which you have not make any meaningful changes to it, you have not edited it and you have not make any differences to that video. Check this article Be Careful About The Content You Upload on Your Facebook Page to guide you more about adding some meaningful differences to your video before uploading them. Facebook always noticed this through the background music that was play in the video.

7. You must not upload a video that was first uploaded on another Page or that your Page didn’t had no role in the production or editing of such video.

8. Before you can upload a video from another Page or another downloading sources you must do some meaningful enhancements, voice over, commentary, lightning, graphics and creative editing to such video. You should never buy followers outside Facebook rather you should boost your videos or Promote your Page to gain Page followers. This is the only safest method you can use to increased your Page authority and boost loyalty, be careful of anyone claiming that they can get you Facebook followers for a price or those people who are claiming they can remove monetization violation from a page for a price. They are scammers who just wants to duped you because of your desperation. Don’t bait viewers into following your Page. Getting new followers is good for loyalty in order to maintain your Page followers retention. You should avoid using language that can be considered engagement bait, such as “Follow my Page if you want to win a signed autograph!”

Solution To Limited Originality Of Content On A Facebook Page

If your Page has been strike for uploading content with limited originality of content here are some things you need to do to remove it.

1. Delete all the content images and videos on your page that you download or upload from another Page or another downloading sources without proper, meaningful editing and modification of such content. Immediately you upload a video on your page. It normally take like 3-5 minutes for Facebook to use it’s Facebook bot to filtered and scrawl on people’s page looking for copyright content and if it detect any copyright content from that video it will automatically let you know you have just uploaded another person’s video. Facebook will not show such video to your followers.

How to solve limited Originality of Content on  Facebook Page

2. You need to appeal in your Creator Studio. Click Monetization then scroll to Policy Issues and enter you will see the review button, you follow all the necessary instructions after that click on Partner then click submit button to submit your appeal to Facebook Support Team. They will review your page if they see that your page is complying with their monetization policies and by doing all what they expected from you. NOTE Your first appeal may be rejected or denied don’t be sad that was how Facebook always does. Try again 7-14 days later. In some cases it takes 5-6 appeals in a week, a month or some months for Facebook to remove that violation.

3. Make meaningful enhancements to your videos especially videos that you do not own. Here Facebook allow you to use another person’s videos or content you download from other sources but you must edit and add your own modification to it. Don’t just uploaded such video directly straight to your Page. Facebook don’t like that. Facebook wants you to increase it’s value through creative editing, use your own customize thumbnail, graphics and add your own intro at the beginning of the video. All the enhancements must be meaningful.

4. The best thing you can do to your page in order to maintain your monetization eligibility is to always upload video that you produce yourself. This will make you have a free peace of mind that you wouldn’t get any automated monetization violation after or whenever you upload videos on your Page.


Having just a Facebook Page does not guarantee your ability to earn from it or not, the best thing is to do all the possible best by developing, growing up such page and by maintaining it’s eligibility to have access to all monetization tools to earn money from Facebook. Sometimes some publishers may get this violation on their Pages without doing or going against all those things mention above. They feel like I didn’t uploaded someone else or another page video on my page so why did I flagged with limited originality of content. Yes!! it normally happens like that but I will say this is on the part of Facebook itself. This has happen to me before and I later got it removed after sending an appeal for multiple times. It automatically disappear after 5 months of having it on my Page. Facebook use bots to filter and scrawl all our content that will upload and they already programmed the Bots to filter out any copyright videos so from my own experience I think it always the background music or commentary if the video is a sport video that cause the problem since Bots can’t detect people showing on the video. That is the reason why Facebook want you to add your own editing, do some modification to the video before uploading it. Do not directly upload someone intellectual property to your page without doing some meaningful changes to it.

Have you been flagged with this violation before? Have you submitted an appeal to Facebook review team or you have not? If you have not been flagged it means you’re doing a great job to your Page therefore you should maintain your monetization eligibility. So publishers what are your thoughts on this? Please share your thought in the comment section below.

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