This is the privacy policy for MEXPRESS MEDIA.
We believe everything that we do is well guided buy our values. MEXPRESS MEDIA may collect your personal data and information for many reasons just like any other websites or blogs will ask users to submit their data.
Personal data is any information about you by which you can be identified this include information such as:
your name, date of birth, email address and phone number.
Information about your device such as IP address, which is a numerical code to identify your device that can provide information about the country region or city where you are based.
We are highly committed to protect your personal information and details you provided on our blog because your privacy is really matter to us.
We collect your personal data when you want to sign up on our blog, when you want to post your comment in our comment box and when you want to contact us.
When you post information in a comment on our blog, the information you post and your username are publicly accessible. This information can be viewed by everybody online and collected by other people.
We are not responsible for the way these other people use your information, when you are contributing to any discussion, we advice and recommend you avoid sharing your personal information publicly and especially information that can be used to identify you directly such as your name, age, credit card and home address.
We are not responsible for the privacy of any your identifiable information that you publicly post in the comment box on our blog post or discussion.

Not every part of your private life needs to be public.
Human beings are not meant to loose their anonymity and privacy.

John Doe