How To Solve Unable To Submit An Appeal IN CREATOR STUDIO
How to solve unable to submit an appeal in Creator Studio

Have you try to solve unable to submit appeal in creator studio? Have you been trying to appeal for a violation on your Facebook Page? Did you receive any message? Wondering how you can appeal again for the violation? Check out this post to read why you should never abandon your Page What Will Happen If You Abandon Your Facebook Page.

In this post, you will discover how to solve the problem of unable to appeal in CREATOR STUDIO whenever you want to appeal for any violation so you can find out what is working for you and what isn’t.

Unable To Submit Appeal Wondering How You Can Appeal Again

When you have any monetization issues on your Facebook Page the best thing to do is how to remove that violation from a Page to allow you reinstate your Page access to monetization tools.

You may have any of the Facebook violation on your page and you have once appeal before but got rejected so you wanted to re-appeal for the violation. After you click the submission button, immediately a message appear on your phone screen that you can’t submit again. What happen here is that your previous appeal data is still active with Facebook review team what you will need to do is to wait and check back later after 7 days or more to submit an appeal for another review.

Some Facebook content creators think they have to wait for 90 days before they can submit another appeal again which is not. This confuse many publishers because of the message they receive from Facebook that you need to re-appeal again after 90 days. You don’t need to wait for 90 days before you can appeal for monetization issues. What you need to do is to wait and have patience for 7 days or more but not up to a month. So while you are waiting always check your Creator Studio to confirm if the request review button is open to click or not.

Why Your Review Is Taking So Long After Appealing

Recently, I noticed something about monetization issues especially if you want to submit an appeal. I noticed it’s now taking so long for Facebook to even send a message back to your inbox. I think Facebook has made some different changes in Creator Studio about reviewing and submitting of an appeal. You should know that Facebook has now change the duration for reviewing unlike before that Facebook will instantly send you a message after submitting your appeal letting you know your faith about reinstating back your Page monetization which you can decide to still come back after some days to click the review button to re-appeal. Facebook has change it. Recently, I observed that you need to wait till they review your appeal to know whether they have accepted it or not. If you noticed now the request review button will not be able to click and carefully read the message that was indicated above the button.


This means that after sending the first appeal you can’t send another new one during that period because there is still a current investigation on going. Unfortunately, the best thing you can do is to wait for Facebook Review Team. You should know during that period Facebook is currently investigating and working on your monetization issues closely and in details.

Facebook made all these changes because they want to provide greater transparency into it’s monetization eligibility and community standards. As a publisher you already have a visualization in your Creator Studio to see, check if you have one way or the order go against any Facebook monetization policies impacting your eligibility for not having access to use all monetization tools

Appealing for monetization issues shouldn’t take so much longer days to re-submit appeal for review. It can be so frustrating and annoying for anybody to wait for months before getting an answer on a particular issue and you don’t even sure whether it would be accepted or rejected.

What do you think about the sudden changes in submitting and reviewing of an appeal? Have you submitted your appeal for review? What message did you got? Please let me know

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