What Facebook publishers should know about the creator studio
How to get started with the Creator Studio

What Facebook publishers should know about the Creator Studio? Just as medical laboratory scientist should understand all the essential features in a laboratory in order to carefully examining and analyzing blood, body fluids, tissues, cells also established a successful, quality assurance programs to monitor and ensure the accuracy of test results is just as the same way for Facebook publishers to get started to study and understand all the features in Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, monetize and measure content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. It also helps you take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities whenever they become available

In this article, I will be reviewing all the features you need to effectively create a meaningful post. In your own Creator Studio, you can also explore around to discover more new updates. Now more than ever creators and publishers are using Facebook Creator Studio to build a meaningful community and business.

Over the previous years, Facebook had been always updating all the features in Creator Studio whereby making publishing videos more lucrative for Facebook content creators, introducing some brand new tools for creating and scheduling videos where you can check content insights and respond to your fans messages and comments.

As a Publisher, here are a lot of new experiences Creator Studio gives you:

Upload and Compose Your Videos

The first thing you begin with in Creator Studio is to upload something either videos or pictures. Just click on the tab Create Post it will drop down menu. You can use Creator Studio to go live with your followers, add story, upload videos, compose and post videos across Pages. You can also do things such as upload multiple videos at once, cross post content to multiple Pages, organize your content into playlists or If you don’t want to instantly publish such a video, you can save it in a daft.

. Go to Creator Studio and put in your login details

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You can select Post Something then it will load another new menu where you can still post something. If you want to post maybe notifications, give alerts for upcoming events, share photos, get messages from your Page followers and add your feeling/activity to a post. You can choose a Page to post to, then select the type of post you want to publish to, compose your post and click publish.

To upload a video, click Upload Video, you will see a drop down menu then you can choose to upload a single videomultiple videos or post video across Pages. Select your video file from your PC file manager and choose where you want to upload the video to. You add your video details and information.


You can add your video details. This includes the title of the video, the description about your video so that people will know what it’s about, add the thumbnail distribution and auto on subtitles. You can also add keyword to it to make it searchable for people in the news feed before you click Publish.


If you click on AUTO ON, You will see a new list where Facebook can automatically generates subtitles or captions to your video. Better still, you can also generate your own also if you wish.

. Save Videos as Drafts

Sometimes you may which not to instantly publish a video or just aren’t quite ready to publish, you can save it as a draft. To save a post, select Save Draft before publishing it. You can find and edit all of your saved videos in your content library, under the Drafts tab.

. Optional Videos Features in Creator Studio

Just like on your Facebook timeline, the post composer in Creator Studio lets you add creative features to help make your videos more accessible and engaging!

Here are a few of the optional videos features you can play around with:

. Adding Polls to Your Videos

Add polls to engage viewers by asking questions during the video. Compose your questions. You can set the start and end times for your poll. Decide when to display poll results. This is just to know your Followers opinion about the video they are watching.

. Video Subtitles and Captions

You can create your video subtitles and captions so people viewing with the sound off can still get the most out of your video. You can choose Auto-generate, Facebook will automatically generate one for you or you may write your own. Upload a subtitles caption file (for instance, if you already created the subtitles on YouTube) Always make sure to review your captions and subtitles before posting them.

. 360 Director Tools

In the Creator Studio, you can use the 360 Director tools to create a 3D experience. You can play around with these tools to a limited degree on any video, but I recommend learning how to really astonishingly admired your Facebook Page followers with true 360 video! Visit Facebook 360 for more info.

. Video Tracking

You can use tracking to add private labels for personal management. Custom labels (e.g. category, employee name, video type and so on) Universal ID (a unique code from another content management system). The objective of video tracking is to associate target objects in consecutive video frames.

. Choose how to publish your post

In the publishing options, you can choose how to publish your videos maybe you want to Publish Now or as a Premiere, Schedule, Backdate or save it as Drafts

. Choose Where Your Post Will Appear

You can choose News Feed to show your videos to the people in the news feed distribution or target specific audience. You may want it to show in Watch but you can unselect it if you don’t want it to show in watch. You can select allow embedding If only you want third party to embed your video. If you which to add a secret video, you may select add a secret video this is only available for embedding and for people who have the link.

. Add Playlists

Scroll down to add play list Add to playlists, playlists are for videos that share a similar theme (such as cooking recipes or sports highlights). Choose Series. You can add videos to a Series. Series are for episodic content that’s part of the same narrative. Choose Series

. Make Video Available to Other Pages

Allow other Pages to use your video in their posts. You can select the option to allow all Pages owned by your business cross post your video. Learn more about cross posting in the Help Center. All Pages in your Business Manager

. Moderation

Control what features will be made available on your videos. Turn Off Reactions, Comments and Shares Before You Publish Make sure your video is set up for success. NOTE: If you turn it off people may not be able to react, shares or comment on your videos

. Before You Publish a Video

Here are a few things you should put into consideration before you click the publish button:

1. 3-minutes Long Videos

As a Publisher, You should know that Videos at least 3 minutes long get shown to more people. Not only that, all your videos must be at least 3-minutes long for you to monetized it.

2. Video Description

Help people find your video with a description that makes it stand out. You add the titles of the video, In the video meta data field, you can add a superb description to the video to quickly show people what the video it’s all about.

3. Tags

Add tags that consider all the different words people might use to search for video like yours. For example, you can tag marriage and relationship if the topic of video is around marriage.

4. HD Video

People find comfort and tend to enjoy watching high definition videos with quality visual effect and pictures. Nobody like to watch a blurry video.

5. Add to Playlists or Series

Adding playlists and series to your videos optimize how your related videos get recommended to viewers.

As a publisher, you should further understand and explore some other important features at the left hand-side in your Creator Studio.

Here are few features you should play around with:

. Content Library

Select Content Library to see all your posts videos, photos, premiere, go live broadcast and text you have been posted, you can edit the post, boost the post, you can prohibit others from embedding the post, you can expire the post, delete the post. You can see all your scheduled post, post you save as drafts and your expired posts. Click on Post, You will see a drop down menu that contains:

1. Stories

2. Video You Can Crosspost

3. Series

4. Clips

5. Instant Articles

This is just a new update introduce by Facebook. Facebook just added Instant Articles features in Creator Studio for publishers who are monetizing their websites/blogs using Instant Articles. Click on Instant Articles to check your performance. You will see how many Articles Opened, Average Scroll Depth and Average Time Spent. You can also scroll down with your mouse to see the Top Pages that your articles have been opened and the Top Countries that opened them.

6. Post Timeline

. Page Insights

I Have already explained how you can learn and understand your Facebook Page insights in this article How To Make Your Facebook Page Followers Come Back To Watch More Videos. You can check it out to guide you further. In the Page insights, you also see Call-to-Action to see if people have sign to your newsletter or people who likes your Page or if your App have been downloaded and install.

. Inbox+

This is where you will see if your Page followers send you messages and you can also reply them. All sent messages will appear in Inbox+.

. Monetization

Click Monetization to see your Page earnings insights, check if your Page has any monetization violation or no monetization violation. If you have a Page that is not monetized, you will be able to check all the compulsory monetization requirement you need to meet before your Page can be qualify for In-Stream Ads and to know if you’re gradually meeting all the requirements.

You will see this new update in Creator Studio. Brand Collabs Manager click on it. Here are what you can play around with:

1. Content

2. Port Folio

3. Project Briefs

4. Partnership

5. Publishing Tools

6. Settings

. Creative Tools

Here, you’re going to see something you will like. You will see a Live Dashboard so be able to mess around with it. You will see a Sound Collection. Here, you will see thousands of song you could add to your videos. So feel free to play around with them.

. Settings

You will see your Page followers & Permission, Page Settings and Page Quality. Click on Page Quality to check if you have any Page problem.

. Resources

This is another new update you will also see in Creator Studio because this feature wasn’t available in the previous Creator Studio. But recently, Facebook added this feature. Just click on it, you will see a pop up menu so you’re free to play around with them.

What do you think about knowing, understanding and familiarizing yourself with all the features in Creator Studio. Now, having known all the features, you can see that it’s will be a wonderful experience publishing your video in CREATOR STUDIO using it on mobile and window.

I hope you find value in this post? If you find value please share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you’re already growing up or developing a new page, I will do like to hear from your feedback and know what is working for you.

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