What Facebook publishers should know about the new creator studioWHAT FACEBOOK PUBLISHERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE NEW CREATOR STUDIO - MEXPRESS MEDIA for Creators

Have you download the new Creator Studio App on google play store? If you have yet to download the app i recommend you to do that right away. In this article, you will discover more about what you can do on the app. With a lot of great features in there for Publishers. Now more than ever creators and publishers are using Facebook to build a meaningful community and business.

Recently, Facebook roll out Creator Studio App as a brand-new monetization tools for creators and publishers who want to manage their content live on the go and at one place. With this latest update, you can now upload and schedule Facebook posts within the same Creator Studio App where you check content insights and respond to your fans messages and comments. The new experience gives you a lot a such as:


Control: Communicate on the go and always post as one of your Facebook Pages. With the Creator Studio app, you will never worry that you’ve accidentally posted from your personal Facebook profile.

Convenience: Check your insights and manage content in the same mobile app that features your insights and communication needs for all your Facebook Pages.

More features for video posts: Schedule, create, Post and edit videos with these options:

Before that you need to check out this post HOW TO INCREASE YOUR VIDEO VIEWS ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE to guide you why you should apply caption to your videos

Video metadata fields: Add a title and description to your videos to give viewers more information about your content and entice them to watch.

Thumbnail selection: Upload a thumbnail from your mobile phone’s library or use our thumbnail selector to pick one from the video you’ve uploaded

This new experience joins an already robust set of features, including:

Rich Insights: Content performance metrics, such as 1-minute views and avg. minutes viewed

Post-Uploading edits and fixes: Edit video titles and descriptions; delete and reschedule posts; and publish drafts

Connect with audiences: Reach fans and followers in real time from anywhere with the ability to read and respond to Facebook messages and comments directly in the app

Multi-account support: Manage multiple Facebook Pages from the same app and in the same session

Notifications: Immediate in-app notifications for key milestones

The ability to create Facebook posts for publishers is one of many fantastic updates we have planned for the Creator Studio App the mobile complement to Creator Studio. Try it today by downloading it for iOS or Android.

Now CREATOR STUDIO on windows Facebook has made some fantastic new features to enable publishers to Publish and drive discovery as they continuing to publish more engaging videos on Facebook more flexible than ever, with powerful new ways to publish, organize, and drive discovery around your content. Recently, across all Pages globally, Facebook has roll out some awesome updates to playlists and a new feature called series, a brand new way to publish episodic content on your Pages. Playlists and series can help all Pages that create related content increase discovery across the Facebook app ecosystem. Bulk Up-loader and Bulk Actions streamline video publishing by enabling partners to upload and manage content. With these features, you can efficiently add multiple new videos to series and playlists, and with a single click, enable features like rights protection, ads and auto-captions. Facebook announce that in the coming weeks Bulk Actions will also be available for videos that have already been published. Your Videos, connected organizing your videos into playlists or series enables Facebook to better suggest related content to viewers, increasing the likelihood that your audiences discover and watch multiple videos from your playlists and series. Facebook publishers create opportunities from Watch to News Feed to Search, to your Page itself for viewers to explore playlist and series content. In this post, i will cover everything you need to get started with playlists and series.


1. Creating Pages, choosing a Template, and the new Videos tab

2. Deep dive into playlist and series features, what’s new, their value, and when to use one instead of the other

3. When to create a new Page vs a new playlist or series

3. Best Practices for successful playlists and series

4. Cross posting and sharing

Creating a Page You can create your new to connect with and grow your audiences on Facebook by creating a Facebook Page. People who like or follow a Page can get updates about the Page, such as posts, photos or videos, in their News Feed.

Choosing a Template: We offer a Video Template for Pages specifically designed to meet the needs of video-first publishers and creators across our platform. The Video Template also provides a video-first experience for your visitors, via a two key features. First, the “spotlight videos” panel is where you can feature the videos you want visitors to see first upon arriving to your Page. Second, the Video Template also prominently displays the playlists and series you have published. These will be displayed underneath the spotlight video section of the Home tab on your Video Page. This helps your audience understand the range of video content being published to your Page at a glance.If you’re looking to feature video content prominently, the Video Template is likely the best fit. If you often publish non-video posts and want these featured closer to the top of your Page, the Standard Page will provide the best experience. Both Page templates display playlists and series prominently, just at different points within the Page. You can change your Page template at any time via your Page settings. The New Videos Tab: We’ve launched a new videos tab that creates a central destination for viewers to browse a Page’s series and playlists, and easily find content they love. Available to viewers no matter what template type you choose, the tab enables viewers to seamlessly follow the Page and upgrade their video notification settings to get notified about all new videos as they drop.

Deep Dive: Playlists and Series Both playlists and series now offer increased flexibility to publishers while helping viewers discover new content on Facebook Watch, News Feed, Search and Pages themselves.Updates to Playlists We’ve expanded playlists to be a more holistic way to publish new content on Facebook without needing to launch a new Page. Playlists have a number of key benefits:

Organization: Playlists are a simple, flexible way to organize your topical or thematic content

Discovery: In addition, playlists now have new discovery benefits:

Playlists increase your videos’ distribution through related content recommendations, helping you reach and and grow loyal audiences

Viewers can click to open playlists from posts in News Feed, when videos are uploaded into a playlist

Playlists are showcased prominently on your Page

When viewers open a playlist from your Page or a News Feed post, it will playback in the order you dictate

Playlists have a unique URL you can share with your audience on or off Facebook

News Feed post for a video published into a playlist. Viewers can click the playlist title to open and browse the playlist.

User flow: When clicking on your playlists from your Page, the News Feed unit, or Videos tab, viewers are taken to a list of your playlist content, allowing them to browse and chose a video to start watching.

You can create, manage, edit, and reorder playlists from Creator Studio. Introducing Series Similar to playlists, publishing to a series will allow viewers to discover and watch your videos across Facebook Watch, Search and News Feed. The main benefits of a series are:

Organization: Series allow you to organize your content into episodes, with the flexibility to show episodes in chronological order to support a narrative story arc across multiple episodes as well as add seasons, brand logos show marks, and trailers. More information is available in Facebook Help Center.

Discovery: Series increase your videos distribution through related content recommendations, helping you reach and and grow loyal audiences

Viewers can click to open a series from episode posts in News Feed

Series are showcased prominently on your Page

When users open your series from on Page or from a News Feed post, they will see and playback the episodes in the order you determined, enabling lean-back viewing

Series episodes can appear in the continue watching unit in the series Page. Users can also continue watching a series within Facebook Watch.

User flow: When clicking on your series from your Page, News Feed Unit, or Videos Tab, users are taken to a list-view of all your episodes, where they can easily navigate between season and episodes. They can also continue watching where they left off and view your trailers from this view.

Uploading your engaging content provides the best viewer experience for your audience, gives Facebook stronger signals about when to recommend your content, and increases the like to your playlist or series. Cross posting and Sharing you can continue to cross post and share videos that are part of playlists and series to other Pages. The metadata provided for series will accompany episodes cross posted and shared to other Pages. This way, viewers will always be able to find and connect with your entire series no matter where they discover its episodes. For example, the name of the series, the title of the episode, and the description will all show in the cross posted or shared post. An episode from a series that is added to a playlist will also retain the metadata of the original series that it came from. Keep in mind that a video can only be added to a single series, but the same video could be added to multiple playlists.

I hope you enjoy using playlists, series, and cross posting features to help you and your viewers get more of your content! For tips on how to increase your video views and maximize the distribution of your videos on Facebook. Read this guide HOW TO INCREASE YOUR VIDEO VIEWS ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

What do you think about using this monetization tools? Gaining this wonderful experience publishing your video on CREATOR STUDIO using it on mobile and window could be great.

Finally, with all that being said, i hope you find value in this post? if you find value please share your thoughts in the comments section below. if you are already growing up or developing a new page, i will do like to hear from your feedback and know what is working for you.


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