How to solve minimal readership on your Facebook page

Did you want to submit your website for Facebook Instant Articles? Are you experiencing minimal readership error whenever you tried to submit your page in the configuration box? In this article you will discover all the tips you need to know and how to solve the problem of minimal readership you always got each time you submit your blog or website for instant articles.

Some publishers maybe wondering why are they getting that error message and what does it means. There are many questions asked by some people, videos on YouTube and discussions everywhere on the internet regarding this general monetization issue but it seems no one has an answers to this problem. This monetization error comes up when you attempt to submit your website for Facebook instant articles approval. Many publishers are getting this error simply because that particular website they are trying to submit has no visitors or readers especially coming from Facebook. Facebook want your website to have some readers not only google search readers, readers that come from Facebook through a link which you shared your blog post to Facebook.

How to solve

If you already have an established page or you just want to create a new page. You need to specify a topic or niche that always a lots of daily developments likes news, information around entertainments and lifestyles, sports, politics and health e.t.c. Develop and grow that page to 10,000 followers or more. You can achieve this if you can create Facebook ads campaign to boost your page to reach millions of people on Facebook although this depends on your budget because you will be paying Facebook per likes or followers. You need to focus on creating more contents on your blog, share those content on your Facebook page and on Facebook feed. Blog contents that generate engagements and the more shares, likes and views you get from from Facebook traffic the chances of having your blog get quick approval from Facebook. NOTE: Those traffic you need to go to your blog must come come from your Facebook page, a Facebook group or Facebook feed. You need to install Facebook pixel, Facebook pixel is just like Google analytics. You need to activate and install it to your website to check your website insight and page views. I repeat those visitors must come from links you have previously shared on Facebook. By doing this you are giving out a signal to Facebook to know that much of your traffic visiting your blog or website are coming from Facebook. All these are require from your blog to solve the issue of minimal readership monetization error.

You need to publish 20-30 articles on your blog because Facebook review team will review all your blog posts to ensure it comply to their monetization partner policy. So ensure that all your articles are well written and unique, your blog post must look real, legitimate and must not include click bait in order for you to get approval from Facebook. The more unique content you have on your blog the more better chance of getting quick approval for Facebook instant articles. Your articles should be between 400-600 words to get more ads impression and the more impression you get the more money you make from Facebook instant articles. I need to inform you about this. Do not fall to scammers online that are promising you that they can removed any monetization error from a page if you pay them some amount of money. No one can remove any monetization issue from a page except Facebook and you the owner or admin of that particular page so far you did all those necessary requirement Facebook want from you.

So have you develop your Facebook page to 10,000 or more followers? Have you ever try to submit your blog for Instant Articles? Did you get this error after you have submitted your website? What are are thought? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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