Did you want to submit your website for instant articles
How to solve minimal readership on your Facebook page

Did you want to submit your website for Facebook Instant Articles? Are you experiencing minimal readership error whenever you tried to submit your page in the configuration box? In this article you will discover all the tips you need to know and how to solve the problem of minimal readership you always got each time you submit your blog or website for instant articles.

Some publishers maybe wondering why are they getting that error message and what does that means? There are a lot of questions asked by some content creators and publishers on forums, videos on YouTube and discussions everywhere on the internet regarding this general monetization issue but it seems no one has develop a solution to this problem. This monetization error comes up whenever you attempt to submit your website for Facebook Instant Articles approval. Many publishers are getting this error simply because that particular website they are trying to submit has no visitors or readers especially coming from Facebook. Facebook want your website to have some readers not only google search readers, readers that come from Facebook through a link which you shared your blog post to Facebook.

How to solve minimal readership error when submitting your website for Instant Articles

Here are some tools you need to get started before submitting your website for Facebook Instant Articles:

Established A Meaningful Presence on Your Facebook Page

. If you already have an established Page or you just want to create a new Page. You need to write on a specify topic or niche that always have a lots of daily engagements or developments likes news, information around entertainments and lifestyles, sports, politics and health. You need to start developing and growing up that page to 10,000 followers or more.

Check out this post How To Open A New Facebook Page And Earn With In-Stream Ads to guide you. You can also achieve this if you can create Facebook ads campaign to boost your page to reach millions of people on Facebook although this depends on your budget because you will be paying Facebook per likes or followers. You need to focus on creating more contents on your blog, share those content on your Facebook page and on Facebook feed. Blog contents that generate engagements and the more shares, likes and views you get from from Facebook traffic the chances of having your blog get quick approval from Facebook.

Drive Search Engine and Facebook Traffic To Your Blog

. Those traffic you need to visit your blog should come from search engine but preferably your Facebook Page, a Facebook group or Facebook feed. You need to install Facebook Pixel, Facebook Pixel is just like Google Analytics. You need to activate and install it on your website to check or track your website analytics, website retention, insight and Page views to know how many people are interacting with your blog, how many people are coming back to read your blog post and which region are the highest number of your blog visitors coming from.

Make Facebook Website Visitors Your Priority

. Those website visitors should come from post links you have previously shared on Facebook. Just be consistently doing this whenever you publish content on your blog and by doing this, you are giving out a signal letting Facebook to know that much of your traffic visiting your blog are coming from Facebook either from your Page or Facebook news feed. All these are require from your blog to solve the issue of minimal readership monetization error.

You Need to Submitted 10 Unique Blog Posts for Instant Articles

. You must submit 10 unique blog post for Instant Articles. Although, you need to publish 20-30 articles on your blog because Facebook Support Team will review all your blog posts to ensure it comply to their monetization partner policy. So ensure that all your articles are well written and unique, your blog post must look real, legitimate and must not include click bait in order for you to get approval from Facebook. The more unique content you have on your blog the more better chance of getting quick approval for Facebook instant articles. Your articles should be between 600-1000 words to get more ads impression and the more impression you get the more money you make from Facebook Instant Articles. I need to inform you about this. Do not fall to scammers online that are claiming and promising you that they can removed any monetization error from a Page if you pay them some amount of money. You show know that nobody can remove any monetization issue from a page except Facebook and you the admin of that particular Page so far you did all those necessary requirement Facebook want from you.

Have The Rights Ownership to The Domain

. As a publisher ensure you own the domain, control and operate the website associated with your use of Instant Articles. Ensure your website is stable, complete, easily navigable, and reflects a positive experience because websites with multiple broken links, duplicative or minimal content, get rich quick scheme websites will not be eligible for Instant Article.

Established a Meaningful Presence on Your Facebook Page

. In order to monetized your Page using Instant Articles, You need to established a presence on your Page as a new Page can’t use Instant Articles. 90 days of active on that Page by having some meaningful engagement. You need to have 10,000 Facebook Page followers. You should also know that you need to established a presence on your site before using Instant Articles (i.e. You must have some website visitors from google search and from Facebook as new sites may not be eligible to use Instant Articles). For those publishers who always lock up their content wanting people to first log in before visitors can read blog post. You should remove this before submitting your blog for Instant Articles except if all of your website content is only available to people with paid subscriptions.

Your Website Content and Behaviour

. When you’re writing your blog post make sure that post in Instant Articles must appear the same way as the post in the web version of the article, except as permitted where the Instant Article creative tools enable additional content. Content in Instant Articles must not contain or link to content that is illegal, misleading or deceptive, or that promotes regulated goods, personal health articles containing unexpected or unlikely results, pornography, adult products or services, sexual tips or fetishes, casual dating, violence, hacking or cracking, weapon sales, online real money games of chance or skill, work-at-home schemes, spy cameras, fake news or anything that falls within any other categories that are prohibited by the Facebook Community Standards.

Your Website Already Showing Ads

. For those publishers who have already monetized their website with other Ads network like Affiliate ads, Google AdSense, Medianet, Adcash, Adsterra, Propellerads ext. You should know that those Ads content on your blog post which has now turn to Instant Articles must comply with Facebook Advertising Policies. I recommend that you should properly format your Instant Articles by following Facebook technical documentation and designed guidelines or better still remove all any intrusive ads that you have already placed on your website before using it for Instant Articles. As an emerging Facebook publisher you shouldn’t include confusing or misleading experiences in Instant Articles.

Note If your website is already showing ads and fortunately your website is accepted for Instant Articles. You should know that only people who are using Facebook App will be able to see your Instant Articles Ads on their news feed because Facebook will filtered out other already ads that is showing on your website. Visitors from search engines will not see Instant Articles ads only visitors who are visiting your website from search engines will see Google AdSense or Affiliate ads.

The Outbound links and Affiliate Links on Your Blog Content

. You should know that If you want to include outbound links or affiliate links in your blog post for Instant Articles. They must connect to specific, editorially related post that provide direct background, history, context or analysis of the article’s subject matter. You may include a link to your publication’s social media presence. Links to stories, such as editorially related stories, trending stories and links to other parts of your site, it must not direct your website visitors to another unrelated websites.

Images to Use For Instant Articles

. Facebook allow you to use images or videos in your Instant Article but must be high-resolution, and appropriate for the screen sizes and display styles that Instant Articles supports. Don’t enable the full-screen tap-to-expand function on images smaller than 1024 X 1024. However, Facebook recommend images to use should be 2048 X 2048 image size and videos smaller than 640 X 480 respectively. If your article consists of a single media item, such as a photo, single slideshow, or video, that content must be placed in the body of the Instant Article.

Be a Professional and Prove Your Originality on Your Blog

. On your blog you should have a disclaimer Page, contact us Page, privacy policy Page and Provide a clear and leading link to your privacy policy whenever you collect personal information, how you use those information and data about people who are visiting your website. You should be careful don’t include multiple articles within an Instant Articles. Some publishers are unknowingly or mistakenly committing this because if you’re doing this consistently Facebook may impose against your use of Instant Articles if Facebook find out any of your articles violate it’s policies.

Moreover, you should know that Facebook may impose reduction in your articles distribution in the Facebook News Feed or prohibit you from using Instant Articles if you become inactive for days, you rarely post, you have minimal readership or your website retention is low, or if the content on the web version or your article contains ads that provide an unexpected, disruptive, or misleading experience. The website you submitted contain a too large volume of ads relative or not relative to your blog post, or ads that drive a negative user experience such as ads that are click baiting, highly sexual, drugs, ammunition, visually shocking, or promote scams.

So finally, have you developed your Facebook Page to 10,000 or more followers? Have you established a meaningful presence both on your Facebook Page and website? If you have already done all these then have you ever try to submit your blog for Instant Articles? Did you get this error after you have submitted your website? What are are thought? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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