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Wish you had more more information to guide your monetization decisions? Wondering if deleting your videos would solve INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT from your page?

In this post, we want to clear your doubt about deleting all your videos in creator studio would solve this violated strike.

A lot of content creators and publishers are currently facing this monetization violation issue on their Facebook page and desperately looking for solution or a way to remove it in order to enable their page to have access to monetization tools. This has resulted to many publishers deleting all their already created videos out of annoyance, frustration and disappointment.

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Many publishers frequently asked this question if i deleted all my videos will the violation removed on my page? The answer is NO!! why? because a lot of publishers have used this method but doesn’t work out successfully for them. Initially you don’t even know the particular violated video among your uploaded videos also Facebook will not let you know which of the uploaded video that have your page strike with INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT.

NOTE: Deleting your videos will not solve the issue because the moment you deleted all your videos in CREATOR STUDIO and you no longer have any video on your page or upload any video for a week or more, you should know that your Page reach is drastically going to reduced.

All your MONETIZATION REQUIREMENTS ARE GOING TO REDUCED. During this time nobody is engaging with your Page, it is now a dormant Page. For example if your Page has already reach 100% 15000 Engagement and other engagement circle have turn GREEN. You should be aware that immediately you deleted all your videos and fail to upload more videos for a week or more all your GREEN engagement circle will keep reducing from 100% to 0% until it finally turns to RED circle again.

Ask yourself why am i receiving the same automated message after i have submitted an appeal to regain my monetization tools? You will keep getting the same automated answer because your appeal were not review by human being. Many publishers don’t know that their appeal were view by Facebook bot and it is what Facebook Engineers programmed on it that is exactly what it will process out as an answer whenever people submitted an appeal.


Publishers should know that their page must have an Established Presence on Facebook for 90 days before they can be able to monetized such page.

Publisher should know that if their page is strike with any automated violation, such violation will be active for 90 days on their Facebook page. This is the period when a lot of content creators will keep appealing to remove the strike from their page but got rejected so many times. NOTE: initially, your page must spend 90 days on Facebook in order for such page to have access to monetization tools so if you now got the strike you have to begin another 90 days after the first completed 90 days which meant for established presence.

Publishers should know that another new 90 days will serve as a penalty for violating Facebook Monetization Policies making it 180 days all together before Facebook can automatically remove that violation from your page.

Publishers should not abandoned their page during these moment because if you leave your page and you no longer upload videos on it for some days. Please be aware that all your Facebook Monetization Requirement will start decreasing!! all the GREEN CIRCLE WILL GRADUALLY TURNS TO RED. We recommend you to maintain your GREEN CIRCLE by uploading more videos on your page.

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