HELLO FACEBOOK CONTENT CREATORS, did anybody knows why his or her Facebook page organic reach decreases? in this post we are going to talk more on why your page organic reach is low.

Sincerely speaking Facebook has greatly limit the reach of a page. This is what happen with your page. Maybe you have 100,000 page followers, if you upload a video or post something on your page it is just a few people among your followers would be able to see that post why? Because Facebook want you to spend money on ads to boost your video to reach your followers. Secondly, when you upload a video Facebook will show it to a few people among your followers to discover what kind of engagement such post will get then if it get better engagement, Facebook will let it reach more followers and vice versa.

Thirdly, if Facebook just removed any of it’s violated policy on your already monetized page. i.e A PAGE THAT IS ALREADY EARNING MONEY This can also cause or make your organic reach decreases. The only way to improve your organic reach is to keep uploading more engaging videos or by boosting your videos with Facebook ads to reach your followers those who have already engaged with your page. Although it’s going to boost your organic reach later.

I hope you find value in this post? if you find value please share and like this post also leave a comment below in the comment section. if you already developing a new page i will do like to hear from your feedback. THANKS

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