Facebook moneization page quality

Many Facebook publishers wonder why their Page Quality is GREEN has no violation but their Partner Monetization Policy in CREATOR STUDIO is still RED. Meaning the page has issue so it can’t be monetized at the moment.

Do you have this on your Facebook page or are you confused about this? and you want to know why this is happening to your Facebook Page? Please relax your mind.

In this post i am going to explain clearly to you why this is happening to your page.

A lot of Facebook publishers have experienced this on their various Facebook pages. Especially after they have been strike with INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT OR LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT. Some may check their Page Quality in Facebook APP to see what is happening with their page but found nothing wrong with it. The Page Quality is ALL GREEN.

Facebook publishers should know that their Page Quality that is GREEN means that your Page is still a new developing and growing up Page on Facebook. A new Page that is just started to gain some presence on Facebook. Such Page must adhere and maintain it GREEN Page Quality Facebook Community Standard in order to stay longer on Facebook. NOTE: All new open Facebook page will automatically come with GREEN Page Quality.


As a new publisher who is developing and growing up a page organically or with MONEY spending a lot of dollars on Facebook ads to boost your videos in order to reach thousands of people for engagements. Do you have INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT or LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT in your CREATOR STUDIO? wondering why your Partner Monetization Partner is RED but your Page Quality is GREEN.

Publishers should know that their Partner Monetization Policy will remain RED until such page has completed it penalty for violating Facebook Partner Monetization Policy which is 90 days. Please check this related post to clarify you more “Deleting all your videos wouldn’t solve INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT Yes!! you heard me right?? because many content creators have deleted all their first created videos, upload another new ones and it didn’t removed while some don’t even upload again. A Page will spend 180 days before Facebook can automatically remove the violation strike.

Facebook publishers should know that Partner Monetization Policy in CREATOR STUDIO can automatically turn GREEN only by Facebook after it has reach the due time. Nobody or magic that can turn it GREEN.

Facebook is the only one monitoring your Facebook Partner Monetization Policy. So you should be careful about what content to upload or share on your page. Please check out this post Be Careful About The Content You Upload on Your Facebook Page.

Have you submitted an appeal for review? What message did you received? Wondering how your appeal always rejected and receive the same automated message. In this article you will discover why your appeal you have submitted multiple times got rejected.

Wondering Why Your Facebook Partner Monetization Policy Is Still Red

Many content creators have been wondering and asking a lot of questions on how they always receive automated message whenever they submitted an appeal for monetization issues.

If you send or submit an appeal for review to Facebook to reinstate your page to have access to monetization tools. You should NOTE that most of your appeal were review by Facebook bots not review by human being. I don’t know why Facebook is doing this to publishers. That is why you keep getting the same automated message whenever you submitted an appeal for review. They will not let you know what you need to do to remove the violation but keep sending you repeated message. This can be so annoying and frustrating!! No good reply message from Facebook it’s always the same.

Some publishers always asked this questions that can they upload their YouTube videos to Facebook Page? The answer is yes! you can do that but the video must be your own video. Some publishers asked this question that If a country is not eligible for In-Stream Ad Video to monetized a video can they upload it from another eligible country that supported ad break? Yes!! so far you hand over the page admin role to a person living in Facebook Ad break eligible country that person can upload and set up the page for in-stream ad. Some publishers asked that is there any other way to earn from from Facebook aside from videos? The answers is yes! you can earn with Brand Collaboration Manager, Fan Subscription and Facebook Instant Articles but you must have a blog with much traffic. Some publishers aske this question why is my Facebook Page says presence not established in Creator Studio do I have to appeal for it? NO!! You don’t need to appeal for that. it is because your Page is a new Page. It will soon disappear from your page after your Page has spent more than a month on Facebook.

What do you feel? Did your page have any monetization issues? Have you send an appeal to Facebook?

if you always receive the automated message please share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you are just growing up a page or developing a new page, I will do love to hear your feedback and know what is really working for you.

I’m firmly believe that INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT or ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT on all Facebook page WILL BE GONE!! it just a matter of days. I see it as a global threat to Facebook publishers depriving them of having access to monetization tools after spending a lot of money and time to grow up their pages. I know how annoyance, mad, frustrated and disappointment they are now especially those who are currently experiencing this on their Facebook pages.

Finally with all that being said, i hope you find value in this post? if you find value please like and share this post also don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section. If you’re just developing or growing up a page or want to open a new Facebook page for yourself, i do love to hear your feedback and know what do you suggest or what method is working for you.

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