Have you just open a Facebook Page or Intending to have one? Did you check your CREATOR STUDIO and see something like this PRESENCE NOT ESTABLISHED.

In this post, I want to explain the reason behind why your Facebook Page is showing PRESENCE NOT ESTABLISHED. If your Facebook Page is showing this message you should know that you have not committed any violation, your Facebook Page is showing this because it is a new Facebook Page which has never had or gain any engagement on Facebook before. Establishing some presence on a Page is a rule you must comply with in order to eligible to use Facebook in-stream ads.

This is new Facebook page. NOTE all new Facebook page will have this message when you check your CREATOR STUDIO

Creators and Publishers must have develop an ESTABLISHED PRESENCE ON FACEBOOK, you must have an authentic presence. To be eligible for all monetization features, this means having an established presence for at least 90 days. To gain access to all monetization tools, this also includes maintaining a sufficient follower base, indicating by your Facebook followers.

This message is not permanent because it will automatic disappear from your Page the moment you started engaging your page with people on Facebook. It normally remove from a Page after 40 days.

Meanwhile, during this period there are some Facebook content creators who have mistakenly in one way or the order go against Facebook monetization Policies which has got their Pages strike with automated violation especially INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT and LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT. While growing up your new page, content creators must be extra careful during this period because this is the period that will determined the eligibility of your page.

Recently in all across the world, about 80% of new Facebook publishers have been strike with INAUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT OR LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT. These two monetization issues have frustrated some content creators who now see the Facebook Ad Break Monetization Program as a scam program because some victim of these monetization issues have spent time, energy and they have spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to promote their Page and boosting videos in order to let their videos have some meaningful engagement while growing their Pages.

Creators and publishers must have an authentic, have an established presence on Facebook because who you are is what represent your new Page and your new Page must have active on Facebook for at least one month. Additionally, a monetization tools like in-stream ads require a sufficient follower base.

To avoid getting these automated violation strike on your page, I have posted some monetization tips and tools for you to apply and if you can be able to apply it I’m pretty sure your page will have no any violation strike.

Many content creators don’t know this prior to opening a Facebook page, because if they knew this they will not have any monetization issues and would have been earning from their content on Facebook. Check out this post How To Avoid Inauthentic Engagement On Your Facebook Page. If you want to get that below result after you have open your new Page just upload one or two videos of your own content then quit the Page for about 40 days or more, go to your Creator Studio to check back later after 40 days.

At the end, this is the positive result you are going to see if only you comply with all the monetization tips and tools I have been sharing. I’m able to have this experience based on what I have done before, the tips and tools I have apply on several Pages and it really work out successfully. I really hope it will work out successfully for you too.


You can see the PARTNER MONETIZATION POLICIES. Now it has all automatic turn to GREEN from RED after 40-50 days. You’re now heading towards monetizing your new Page using Facebook in-stream ads by creating unique and original videos that will go viral on people’s news feed. If you’re a creator or publisher who is violating Facebook monetization policies regarding intellectual property, authenticity or you are engaging in fraudulent business practices, you may be ineligible to monetize using all Facebook monetization tools if Facebook found out that your Page is going against any of it’s policies.

Finally with all that being said, I hope you find value in this post? if you find value, please don’t forget to like and share it on social media also leave a comment behind in the comment section. If you are just growing up a new page or want to open a new Facebook page, I will do love to hear from your feedback.

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