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Thank you for submitting an appeal. We have review your page for monetization eligibility. At this time, we aren’t able to reinstate its access to Ad Breaks, Branded Content, and/or Instant articles. To use these features your page must comply with Facebook’s policies and terms and our monetization eligibility criteria. We recommend that you address your page’s compliance going forward, as it may become eligible within 90 days to re-access the monetization features previously utilized.

This decision regarding your page’s eligibility to use any monetization features on Facebook may not be appealed again for 90 days.

This is the automated message you receive each time you appeal for removal of monetization violation strike on your page. 90% of content creators appeal and always got this message on their email without having their monetization back. A lot of content creators and publishers ask why did they always receive this message after they have appealed, well maybe you don’t know but i will surely tell you that each of your appeal were review by Facebook Bot not human and Bot will give out what they process on it. Facebook engineers have process it in a way that if you submit monetization appeal, it will automatically send you that above message after some hours of your submission. I don’t know why Facebook did this. Nobody knows, they are the only one who knows this. We have to ask our self some questions regarding this how many content creators have reinstate its page access to monetization tools? how many appeal have you submitted but got rejected? how many appeal have you submitted and regain back your monetization tools? I’m pretty sure many people have a lot of answers to these questions. We have some content creators that appeal multiple times but got rejected, many were frustrated till they abandoned their page even some went ahead to open a new page still got the same experience having spent so much on Facebook ads. Some content creators went ahead to delete all their videos in CREATOR STUDIO still they did not regain their monetization tools. Those are the horrible monetization experience many Facebook content creators have been facing all across the world.

So in this article I’m going to talk on why you should be careful when uploading videos on your Facebook page. Know how to handle your content when uploading it on Facebook.


If you are entering this blog for your first time my name is MIKHAIL ISMAIL. With my experience on Facebook partner monetization program I help content creators to grow and monetized their Facebook page, making influence with their videos and crouching it online!

Facebook stated that content creators and publishers can only monetized content that they created or were involved in the creation of, or that directly features the creator or publishers. Content that is unoriginal or reproduced without making meaningful enhancements, commentary, trimming, parody, creative editing e.t.c can not be monetized. This is where I’m targeting because this monetization tips is for those creators and publishers who don’t have their own videos to upload, they download videos on YouTube. If you are this kind of creators then you have some uplifting and modification to do before you can upload such videos on your Facebook Page.

Facebook allowed content creators to use videos they purchase or download but Facebook don’t want you to upload it just like that, Facebook want you to modify it, edit it, structure it from it’s original and create your content out from it by adding your own meaningful enhancements, your own commentary, your own trimming, your own parody, your own creative editing, your own imitation of the style of the video you purchased, and your own exaggeration for comic or action or horror effect depending on the video. These is what Facebook want you to do before uploading a video to your page and that is why you are called Facebook Content Creators or Publishers.

Sincerely speaking, not all of us can face camera to talk to large audience even if you are the only person talking to the camera. Sometimes it can be very intimidating being in front talking to camera and gaining self confidence but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative or develop a content that people would love to watch and come back. The most important is to challenge yourself about how you want to catch the attention of your audience, find your niche, develop your niche, be consistent and make content that have value, popular and discoverable.

After you have downloaded your video you need to make some editing and modifying, there are some free video editing software and applications for Android, Windows and Mac OS like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Window Movie Maker, Filmora Go, Video Pad, Open Shot ext. We have their pro version as well but as a beginner I don’t think you need that for now. Although, depending on your budget because those free version are limited to some video tools you might need to add some important features to make better video. Visit some free copyrights websites like or where you can download video clips, pictures or images to use as thumbnails, visit,,, and ext. to purchased your video logo and some intro clips shown before a video and outro clips shown after a video. Customize it, edit it to your own taste type in your own Facebook Page name that will first appear to your audience when they click to watch any of your video. Visit Facebook Sound Manager in your CREATOR STUDIO to download free audio for your video background. All these are recommendable to just garnish your video to look professional and better. After you have finish editing that suit your own taste what next is to upload your video. What you did is you have now make your own video from that downloaded video.

While sharing your videos you should be wary of getting automated violation because too much of sharing videos to a Facebook group could result to spamming! You could get a monetization violation from Facebook if you’re spamming a Facebook group. Some content creators are doing this by uploading a video they have already uploaded to their Facebook Page went again to upload it to a Facebook group. When you keep doing this you are prone to receive LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT IN YOUR CREATOR STUDIO. This is one of the mistake people are doing on their page which they don’t know and it’s against Facebook partner monetization policy.

Facebook wouldn’t reveal to you what you did wrong or warn you about how you wrongly share your content on Facebook. The next thing you will see in your CREATOR STUDIO is a violation strike already in there. Who knows maybe if Facebook immediately let you know a particular video you uploaded or share that can make you loose access to monetization why you wouldn’t remove or delete it immediately from your page. A page you have been growing for months you must have uploaded a lot of videos on it even you might have uploaded some to a group. You know It’s could be so frustrating after all those resources, energy, time and money you have spent on Facebook ads boosting your videos to reach thousands of people for engagements. Just about to meet all those Monetization requirements Facebook kick you in the ass so you loose access to all monetization tools. They ask you to review, you review multiple times but got rejected telling you to wait for 90 days before you can regain your monetization tools. NOTE: initially, before Facebook will allow you to monetized your page you must have established presence on Facebook for 90 days and when Facebook automatically violated your page with any of its monetization violation, it means you have to wait for the initial 90 days to complete after completed then you will begin another new 90 days for violating Facebook partner monetization policy making it 180 days before Facebook will automatically remove that violation strike from your Page.

Although, few lucky content creators were able to regain their monetization after they appeal multiple times but this is base on your region where you located, some content creators who were from the US, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and EUROPE tend to meet the favor eye of Facebook regarding this.

Be Careful And Beware Of Content You Upload On Your Facebook Page

1. Don’t upload another page posts collections to your page because that content has already been uploaded before on a page. it is dangerous to upload such video to your page.

2. Don’t upload page that compiles video from multiple pages or third-party content creators.

3. Don’t upload your videos to Facebook group for views, shares, likes and comment. Upload a video only on your Facebook page

4. Don’t upload video that has already existed somewhere on another person Facebook personal account. Check out this post How To Avoid Limited Originality of Content On A Facebook Page to guide you more.

I was able to gain this monetization experience because I have been in this mess before so i realize what and how to handle my page whenever i want to upload any video. I recommend you to follow my monetization tips and tools on your page. i have been using all these tips on my page and it really work for me and i hope it will work for you also.

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If you are already growing a page or want to start up a new page, I do love to hear from your feedback and know what method is working for you.

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